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Take advantage of Andy’s many years as a high profile trial attorney, public speaker and professional communicator. Andy can teach you how to be a more accomplished and polished speaker in a very short period of time. His confidence is based on his years of experience combined with his observation and study of the best speakers in the world. Take this small step, invest a relatively small sum of money, and change the way you present yourself forever.


Andy’s Personal Coaching Style

When personally coaching, Andy never works in a “set” or “canned” manner but instead he tailors his assistance to the specific needs of the client. Typically, Andy will ask the client to demonstrate the type of speech, or presentation that the client needs to improve. Then he goes to work and evaluates the physical presence, delivery, and speaking style of the client. Andy will also evaluate the organization, storytelling quality and substance of what the client is saying.

Andy’s Personal Coaching will help you:


Reduce your anxiety
Improve your delivery
Present a powerful and confident image
Create excitement in your presentation
Play to your strengths and limit your weaknesses
Develop your own personal style
Learn how to “own a room.”
Increase the involvement of your audience
Present a more credible and believable image
Improve the organization of your speeches and presentations
More effectively “ ask for the order”


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