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Five Great Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Remember the saying, "Never let them see you sweat"?

The Newman Speaking Institute, a Florida Communication Training and Presentation firm based in Boca Raton, Florida conducts workshops and seminars that address the common fear of public speaking. Classes focus on teaching professionals how to get through a presentation without letting anyone in the room see you sweat.

Whether you are about to give a college presentation before a small class, an important business presentation or the State of the Union before the nation, the fundamentals of overcoming your fear of public speaking are essentially the same. While many individuals have the ability to communicate one on one, the idea of presenting before several people or a large group in a formal setting, often has the most confident person paralyzed with fear. It does not have to be that way.

Newman Institute Founder and Speaking coach, Andy Newman, uses his years of experience as a trial attorney and public speaker to help his students overcome their anxieties and fears about speaking. In the workshops, students learn how to master the key fundamentals of speaking shared by some of the best speakers in the world. Understanding these concepts enables the students to reduce their uneasiness while speaking and presenting. Here are five great tips.

Take the Pressure off Yourself by Understanding Audience Psychology

Understand that people are generally thinking about themselves. They are not nearly as interested in your performance as you think they are. Remember, any nervousness you might feel or any mistakes you might make will not be noticed by your audience. It is only when you are very "good" that the audience will really start to pay attention. The Newman Speaking Institute conducts Florida fear of speaking lessons that you will help you incorporate this great tip.

Slow Down

When we get become anxious, we tend to speak very fast. By taking a moment to think before speaking, it allows you time to revise your words and speak clearly so your audience understands what you are trying to convey. Speaking fast tends to heighten and increase your anxiety which translates to your audience. Slowing down your speech will help you appear more confident and collected as well as knowledgeable. The Newman Speaking Institute conducts Florida fear of speaking coaching that will teach you how to slow down which will greatly reduce your anxiety.

Develop a Pre-Speech Routine

The greatest golfers in the world develop a pre-shot routine that they rigorously follow prior to striking the ball. The purpose of the pre-shot routine in golf is to mentally clear the golfer's mind prior to executing the shot thereby enabling the golfer to execute the shot without anxiety. Similarly, great speakers develop a pre-speech routine that enables them to relax their mind in preparation for their speech or presentation. It does not matter what the pre-speech routine is as long as it works for you. The Newman Speaking Institute's Florida fear of speaking training will specifically help you develop your pre-speech routine which will relax you and enable you to achieve your peak performance when giving an important speech or presentation.

Focus on WHAT you are Saying and NOT on HOW you are saying it

Think about the importance of the ideas, message, and substance of what you are conveying to your audience and this will reduce your nervousness. Beginners worry about a slightly shaky voice or using exactly the right word, but most people in the audience will not notice these things. Focus on the larger picture and the message and the delivery will take care of itself. The Newman Speaking Institute regularly holds Florida fear of speaking workshops which teaches its students how to better organize the substance of what they are saying which in turn improves their speaking and presentation style.

Have a conversation with a member of the audience

The key to successful and anxiety free speaking is to create the illusion that you are having a conversation with the audience and not "talking at them." Pick out an audience member and speak in a conversational tone to that person. As your talk progresses, switch to a person on the other side of the room. This will reduce your nervousness and make your gestures seem more natural. The Newman Speaking Institute conducts numerous Florida fear of speaking seminars where students are taught how to create the illusion that they are having a conversation with one person while speaking to many. This reduces fear and anxiety and greatly enhances the effectiveness of any speech or presentation.

To achieve success at overcoming your fear of public speaking, follow these tips and you will not go wrong.

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